Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mountain Lion alert

Younger daughter sent us this news article:


It seems that mountain lions have been spotted in a neighborhood about a mile from our humble abode brazenly strolling down the street in broad daylight!  Some good friends of ours live one street over from where this occurred but the lions didn't stop at their place so they didn't see them. 

We see raccoons and coyotes pretty often - if fact we saw two raccoons doing what looked like the foxtrot in a driveway last night when we were out for a walk - but so far no mountain lions.  Our next door neighbor claims to have seen a 15 foot python or boa constrictor in her backyard a month or so ago.  So far no Bigfoot sightings.

The mountain lions are getting pretty darn bold ever since hunting them was outlawed.  They have no fear of man and sooner or later something unpleasant will happen in a local backyard when someone hears little fluffydog being carried away by Mr. mountain lion and rushes out to stop it.

A couple years ago when I was driving along a forest service road about 20 miles up in the hills from here a mountain lion ran in front of my Jeep.  the speed of the big cat was simply amazing.  No way anyone would ever outrun one of those!

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