Friday, October 11, 2013

Does anyone care?

During Iraq II the Left made sure everyone knew about U.S. service members killed in the war.  Some may have truly mourned the deaths of our finest but some, I think, used their deaths as a cudgel against George W. Bush and his administration.  Remember the events where a cross for each service member killed in Iraq would be placed on a beach or in a school yard to show the public the price for the war?  It was intended to shame Bush and turn the country against him and the war but I felt that the execution was noble even if the intent may not have been.  We should remember the sacrifice of each Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, Coast guardsman, and Civilian killed in the service of our country.

The war in Iraq is over but the war in Afghanistan continues.  The Grandmothers for Peace from my church who gathered to protest the war in Iraq now protest violence. There is no mention of Afghanistan.   The activists that railed against the 'illegal' war in Iraq are silent about the war in Afghanistan.

Is it because it is Mr. Obama's 'good war'?  Is it because Mr. Bush is out of office?  No one notices the casualties these days except the loved ones left behind.  They know and they feel the unimaginable pain of the death of a husband, wife, son, daughter.  My son went to war in Iraq and survived.  My wife and I prayed everyday for his safe return and he did, whole of body and mind.  We were all lucky.

I watch the Internet news and when the death of a service member in theater is reported, I fly our flag at half-mast with the service flag of his or her formation.  It is the least I can do.  But, the mention of the death is reported on page six of the paper and perhaps a line on the Internet news that disappears the next day.  As if the soldier never existed.  As if no one cares. Sometimes the notice slips by even me, the dedicated Internet news junky.  No one notices except the family of the one who died.

 Shame on you, citizens of America for not caring.

Well, I care and you should also.  Honor their sacrifice no matter how you feel about the war in Afghanistan. 

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