Monday, May 27, 2013

Off road trip - Santa Barbara / Upper Oso campground

On Sunday the Grouch and other intrepid explorers journeyed to the upper Oso campground outside of Santa Barbara for some sightseeing and driving.  The area was pretty crowded being that it was the holiday weekend but we still managed to find some quiet areas.  Young Daughter and I took a hike in the area a couple years ago after some heavy rains and had to wade through a wide and deep creek to get to the trail head but not this time.  There was water flowing in the stream and many people having fun it it but we weren't there for fun, we were there to see and drive!

So, off on our trip:

As far as we could drive, time to get out and walk.

Starting the hike.  It's a nice dirt road and would've been fine for driving but alas only the Forest Service gets to use it.

Rugged country

Nice and green!

Don't know if this is from a fire or because it is in a rain shadow but a very different contrast to the green foliage  around it
After the hike we drove in a another direction and saw two mule deer grazing by the road.  Look at those ears!

There are at least two deer in there
We took a road that climbed up the mountain  and followed the coast.  That's the ocean out there.

The intrepid explorers taking a break

Beautiful country!

The high ground always gets some commo installations

Look, nature!

After we traversed the trail we dropped down to Solvang, bought some Danish pastries, ate at Pea Soup Anderson's and made the long run back to our happy valley.  A long and dusty trip but a good time had by all!

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  1. What nice pictures! I like the butterfly. I'm sad it is all burning right now.