Sunday, May 12, 2013

A science fiction experience in North Carolina

So, the Missus, Young Daughter and I traveled to North Carolina to visit Older Daughter and little Lady Bug on the occasion of LLB's first communion.  That will be the subject of yet another post but now I'm going to mention our tour of the Hunt Library at NC State University, a truly amazing place!

While we toured it I kept getting images in my head that related to science fiction themes - maybe it was the jet lag!   Anyway, here are some and if you are a fan of any of the shows mentioned, let me know if you get the connection.

The amazing automated library system that selects and delivers tomes for busy students

Beautiful in its symmetry but almost scary in its sterility but it reminded me of a truly disturbing movie I saw once:

Anyone seen the movie Cube ?

The egg chair seems to be popular at the library but once again it seemed familiar to me...

Ah yes, number two liked to sit in one in the show The Prisoner!

Who knew replicators actually exist!

See, here is the proof!  But wait a minute...haven't I heard of a replicator before?

Yep, there it is...only this one makes food.

This interesting display played a musical note for each panel and if a person is talented enough and fast enough a tune can be played on it!  It got me thinking about a really weird movie from 1964 about some time travelers that has something like this...

Here it is!  By the way, the lady playing the light board is a Playboy playmente from 1960.  Did she time travel too?

Wonder if this will replace the piano?

To be up front, this isn't at the Hunt Library but rather at a terminal at the Denver airport.  It is  very post apocalyptic looking and very appropriate for this blog post.  I saw this on my way back home from NC.  It is 0.5 miles around the loop for this concourse so I managed to walk 3.5 miles while waiting for my flight.  Of course the Missus bested me by doing 4.5 miles while on her separate flight at the Boston airport!

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  1. Since I wasn't able to stay for the tour, I'm glad I got to see your pictures. That is some interesting stuff. The Cube is such a strange movie!