Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July part 1

Fourth of July at the medium sized town that the Grouch family lives in is always a fun time.  As we do most years, we started at 7 a.m. by claiming our spot near the beginning of the parade route and then went to the Lions club pancake breakfast just down the street.  Three couples joined us for the parade experience.  In years past we walked in the parade with our kids who were scouts but for the last several years we've been able to relax and watch the show.  These are only the highlights, there were many, many groups and individuals in the parade.  There is a different parade theme each year and anyone who signs up can be in the parade.  If you want to just walk along as a participant, go right ahead!

Here we all are, ready for the parade.  The Missus is at the far right knitting while watching which some spectators though was almost as interesting as the parade

The Forest Service and Smokey Bear were there

Nice tractor!

One of several antique car groups

Miniature horses were popular this year
Scouts on bikes!
Another miniature horse, this one did tricks!
Yay Saugus!!
The Army National Guard was a hit

Watching them get started on the bike was interesting

There has to be beauty contest winners to be a real parade
Our Congressman in a jeep

Another Jeep
Yet another one!
I think the flag bearer should have been dressed like the rest of the group but maybe someone didn't show up in time
Modern cars too - plu vintage T birds, Corvettes, and Mustangs
How low can they go?
About that low!

I think it is a cooler, but it is certainly cool!

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  1. Definitely puts our little parade to shame. Great pictures! I love seeing all the antique cars.