Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Petersen Auto Museum

Young Son and I took in the Petersen Auto Museum today for some father-son togetherness.

The Grouch and kids visited the museum way, way back in the 90s when the Senior Grouch was in town for a visit.  Young Son wasn't around then so he didn't have the chance to see it so off we went.  We traveled through busy Hollyweird - I mean Hollywood - to get to the place which is always an interesting adventure.  Leaving the museum we headed home via Beverley Hills which was an experience for car crazed Young Son.  The number of very high end performance cars that we saw motoring along Wilshire blvd in our mundane Dodge Stratus was eye opening for him.  He even got to see one of his new favorites, the Ford GT.   At the museum there was a temporary exhibit of motor scooters which I found very interesting, antique vehicles, movie vehicles, hand built cars, one-offs....just about anything you could ask for.  Young Son took the photos but since this is my blog I'm posting what I found interesting!

The museum first floor features a Los Angeles street from the 30s complete with a Cadillac dealership.  It is nicely done.  There is even the sound of a stolen car being stripped in ramshackle warehouse down a side alley!

This car was owned by legendary auto racer Phil Hill.  The car appealed to me because it resembles the cars used by the globe trotting explorers of the 30s.  It would look at home racing across the Gobi desert with a cloud of dust raised behind it.

Young Son signals his approval of the Bugatti W16 powered by two V8 engines.  He really likes the modern ultra high performance cars.

This contraption is from the movie "The Great Race'" staring Toy Curtis, Natalie Wood, and Jack Lemmon as Prof. Fate.  A really great move and it was fun for me to see this since I am a fan of the movie from way back.

The first land speed competition car to be powered by a jet engine!  It is the Green Monster (but no longer green) and held the land speed record several times.  It was sitting in the parking garage.  No room inside for it?

Certainly no room inside for this contraption!  It was used by Forest Lawn for VIP trips up to the early 90s.  By that time it was about 50 years old.  Pretty darn impressive!

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