Saturday, January 28, 2012

May I join the 1%?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the lowly 99% and the Scrooge McDuck top 1% most evil of all of our society. Apparently if you have buckets of money you are a parasite on the body of society and you should be, if not eliminated, at least have your assets and property confiscated. At least that is what I'm getting out of the protesters. I wonder why if you are at the 99th percentile a person may be 'well off' or 'comfortable' but if someone steps across the line to the magic 1% of the population (which let's be real honest here - anyone of the Occupy crowd - given the chance to join the fabled 1% wouldn't give the rest of their smelly brethren a second glance as they walked towards the light of plutocracy) they are now a cancer on the body of society?

All of this is leading up to an article I read recently that ranks the college majors of those McDucks who are in the secret 1% club. To read the article in its entirety go here:

I am a proud holder of a B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis in international relations and a minor in History. There, I've let the secret out. I've worked in fields that utilize these disciplines....never. But, I see that 6.2% of the plutocrat crowd were PoliSci grads! There are more successful folks with my degree than those with financial and hard science degree's. Whoot! In fact, here is the chart with all of the rankings:

Undergraduate Degree / Total / % Who Are 1 Percenters / Share of All 1 Percenters
Health and Medical Preparatory Programs142,34511.8%0.9%
Biochemical Sciences193,7697.2%0.7%
International Relations146,7816.7%0.5%
Political Science and Government1,427,2246.2%4.7%
Art History and Criticism137,3575.9%0.4%
Molecular Biology64,9515.6%0.2%
Area, Ethnic and Civilization Studies184,9065.2%0.5%
Business Economics108,1464.6%0.3%
Miscellaneous Psychology61,2574.3%0.1%
Philosophy and Religious Studies448,0954.3%1.0%
Chemical Engineering347,9594.1%0.8%
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration334,0163.9%0.7%
English Language and Literature1,938,9883.8%3.8%
Miscellaneous Biology52,8953.7%0.1%

Given these statistics, PoliSci rules!  And to think my parents said I'd never get anywhere with my degree.   There is still hope for me to join the 1%.   I just have to climb over the other 98% in my way.

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  1. Be sure to drag me along as you are headed for the 1%. Very interesting statistics. Only 3.8% for my chosen degree. Drat.

    PS- Nice usage of a newish slang word. But most people spell it without the "h."