Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011 at the Grouch's

Like all families, the Grouch family has our own holiday traditions and rituals that we have made our own over the years.  This year we were sad that Oldest Daughter wasn't able to travel to Grouch Estates to celebrate Christmas with us; however she did the next best thing and sent our granddaughter to us!  We had little ladybug with us for several days to help keep our Christmas young. 

Without further preamble, let the Christmas tradition photos begin!

Young son and the Grouch went to the local 'you cut it' Christmas tree lot and selected a tree almost 10 feet tall!  Unfortunately the available space was a little over 8 feet so some of the tree was sacrificed to fit.  This is Young Son demonstrating his approval of the tree we bagged.  This reminds me of the deer hunters that I saw back in Pa. as a youth with their buck tied to the roof of the family station wagon after a successful hunt.

The Grouch family always goes to midnight mass on Christmas eve - except this year.  This time we went to the chapel at a local Catholic high school for afternoon mass on Christmas eve.  It was a nice change of pace plus the whole mass was finished in just over an hour!  Perfect for a little girl with too much energy who finds it difficult to sit still for over an hour.  The Grouch and she kill some time before the start of mass.

Older Son and his lady friend at the chapel.

The ladies: little Ladybug, the Missus, Young Daughter, and the Lady friend

The whole Grouch gang minus Older Daughter :(

Next, the traditional Christmas eve dinner at Pizza Hut!  How this got started I have no idea but it is a lot of fun.  We've been going to the same place for years and though it has changed the pizza and bread sticks are still just what we need to get our strength up for the next morning.  The blue box contains Christmas cookies baked by hand by the Lady fried for the Grouch family.  Yumm!

Some of the Christmas gifts, the grill is for Older Son who now has his own place.  In the past a homesteader needed a mule, a rifle, and a plow.  Today's young man needs a grill when he starts on his own.  The large box is the vanity to be installed in the upstairs bathroom which is under renovation and has been for two months.  It made a dandy Crhistmas gift spot.

The tree is not really leaning to the right like the picture implies.  The Missus and Young Son did a great decorating job.  When the holiday is over and the tree is taken outside it will be rendered into firewood and dried for a year to be burned next Christmas in the fireplace.
Another Grouch family tradition:  the Grouch makes scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon for the hungry family. Oh, did I mention that the Grouch also makes a mess?  Everyone gets their strength up for further present opening.

Little Ladybug opening some of the gifts from the family.

One last family tradition:  the silly gift, usually one shared by all of the Grouch offspring.  In this case it was Perry the Platypus caps for three.  If you don't know Perry you are really missing out on something!

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  1. I love all the pictures, and Laura has reported (in great detail!) about all the fun she had :)