Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve hike

Another great Grouch family tradition: The New Year's eve hike! Well, actually this is a somewhat intermittent tradition as the ability to do the hike depends on whether the Grouch and Young Daughter are both off of work for the day and can go. But this time all of the planets aligned, we were free from work, so off we went!  The weather was gorgeous, sunny and breezy and a fantastic 71F, perfect for a stroll.  We went up San Fransquito canyon road, up a fire road to a ridge and drove 'till we found a likely place to park and start our walk.  What we didn't expect were the number of pesky off road bicyclists.  They were swarming like bees after spilled Pepsi.  We must've encountered 8 or more on the hike.  Since we had 5 dogs with us we frequently had to call the dogs to heel to let the bikers pass.  Most were pretty gracious about the whole dog thing and were good with sharing the trail.  We also encountered a woman leading a horse with two dogs following along behind.  Her dogs weren't under any control at all and Young Daughter had to grab one by the collar and lead it back to the horse woman.

We started up by the power line and headed downhill.  Here is a view back up the hill at our starting point.  I believe our trusty Jeep is a dot at the foot of the tower.
The Grouch likes to survey the ground ahead to check for Comanche ambushes.

Starting down into the shaded canyon and more encounters with bicyclists

More shady, narrower, and green.  A nice change from the dried brush and chaparral we usually have around for a hike.

The dogs like it too!

We stopped to chat with one of the really nice bicyclists.  I thought his bike bell was a great idea and should be adopted by all considerate bikers.  We could hear him coming and called the dogs to heel.  While we were talking with him a woman came up the hill on her bike and took the opportunity to take a break and compliment us on our nice pooches.

An artifact!  A perfect excuse for a picture.  Young daughter and friends.

Out of the green and into the brown, on the way back to the Jeep.  The dogs still have endless energy!

Still looking for the Comanches...

Almost back to the Jeep.  I think the dogs were starting to tire out a bit but still going strong.

Can you believe there are 5 dogs and a large toolbox back there?  Who says a Jeep doesn't have room!

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