Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bodfish and Lake Isabella off road trip

A couple weeks ago Young son and I went with some frieds for a jaunt to Bodfish and Lake Isabella via Jawbone rec area.  Our little group had three vehicles and the off roading was not anticipated to be  heavy duty.  Several years ago we took about this same trip in the winter and could only get so high before the road was impassable due to snow.  No snow this time, just lots of dust!  It was so dusty that the air filter on the Jeep became clogged and the engine power dropped off noticeably.  When I got home and removed the filter to install a new one the dust that came off of it was incredible. We traveled up through Jawbone rec area to the Sequoia NF, then down to Bodfish, through the town of Lake Isabella, then back to highway 14 and home.  Total distance was about 200 miles. Lots of driving!  On the way back I happened to stumble on 'story telling radio' on Sirius which had a couple hours of people telling stories at the 39th annual story festival somewhere in Tennessee.  Some of the stories were very funny.  It made the ride home go quickly.

Click on the pics for a larger view!

On highway 14 out of Mojave approaching the turn off for Jawbone recreation area and the road through Kelso valley to the Sequoia national forest
On the road to Kelso valley
In the Sequoia NF, climbing in altitude and in the forest
Stopping for lunch, the next to most favorite part of any trip for the Grouch, dinner being #1
A view from the trail as we start down towards Bodfish

A machinery shed for mining containing a gas engine powered air compressor

The engine - anyone identify what it is?  The data plate was worn smooth and was unreadable

The mine that goes with the air compressor - someone plugged it up so we couldn't go inside and get hurt and trapped, what were they thinking?
Young son takes in the view outside the mine

The Forest service is harvesting burned timber from this area and the machine that they are doing it with.  By this time Young son was wondering when dinner was going to be.
Some of the burned area.

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