Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures from the past

The other day I entered '66th Maintenance Company' into Google search.  The 66th was my first active duty Army assignment in 1978.  I have been curious to learn what happened to the unit over the years in the great reorganization and draw down of the Army in Europe.  I haven't been able to learn the unit's fate but I did find some pictures from that era on the web.  What a surprise when I found a picture of the unit's sign located in front of the company area and then of a formation which seems to have yours truly in it!!  The pictures are from the photo album of the company commander and the change of command that took place when she (the most senior of us group of 2LTs) was tapped for command.  She did a great job as company commander in a very visible and demanding position.  Through her sister who posted her and other family photo albums on line I was able to email my former commander and exchange some information about each other.  What a great surprise to find the photos and to hear from someone from what is now over three decades past.  Where has the time gone?

The unit sign on the lawn in front of the company area at picturesque Harvey Barracks.  Harvey Barracks was once a WW2 German airfield and was taken over by the U.S. after the war.  The first morning that I was in Germany and was to report for duty there was a command-wide readiness alert test conducted.  My sponsor never showed up to get me at my billet that morning and I ended up walking to the unit to find it like a disturbed bee hive with soldiers running in all directions.  I wondered if WW3 had been declared and someone forgot to tell me.  This was my 'office' for three years.
The change of command ceremony for my new company commander.  You see that guy in front of the platoon that is closest to the camera?  Yep, that is a very young Citizen Grouch back when my waist was narrow, my back was straight, and my hair was dark brown.   How the time has flown!

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  1. Wow! The Internet makes the world very small and the recent past very accessible.