Friday, May 27, 2011

Not much to say....

Except it is Friday!  No work today and the first of a four day weekend.  Yay!   The Stratus got its first fill up for MPG purposes yesterday.  26.4mpg for 60% highway and 40% around town driving.  Not bad compared to the 16.4 that the whale has been turning in.  Speaking of the whale it didn't want to start at the train station yesterday to take me back home.  A quick tap on the fuel relay and it started.  While I had the hood open a nice lady drove up and asked if I needed a jump start.  I didn't know if she meant me or the car but I declined.

More to follow on Memorial day activities this weekend.  This will be probably the last time that I place flags on the graves of veterans at the local cemetery.  I've been doing it for years with all four children when their scout units participate in the program.  Young son is in his last year of scouts and I guess that will be the end for me too.  I usually put on my uniform to do so as a (now old) soldier to show respect to those who've gone before.  Since 2001 young service members have been there in uniform with their sons or daughters or brothers or sisters.  Seeing these warriors with their combat patches is something to see for me. As it was said during the civil war, they have seen the elephant and will never be the same again.  Older son has seen the elephant.   Who would have thought that we'd still be at war 10 years after 9-11?  I hope that peace will come someday and men and women will not have to offer their lives to protect ours.

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