Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Grouch head south Part II

Day 2 saw found us joining forces with the other two couples in our expedition and then heading off in the direction of the Salton Sea.  But first, we planned a stop at Salvation Mountain.

Salvation mountain is one of those places that seem to abound in California: magnificent obsession. Whether it is digging a tunnel through solid rock by hand for decades (see Burro Schmidt), building non stop on a mansion to keep ghosts at bay (see Winchester House) or in this instance, covering a hill with cement and paint and making it into a message of peace, love, and the holy bible.

The man who was responsible for this magnificent obsession has moved on to his great reward, but his work remains for anyone to see.

The day we were there it was misting rain and cool but the crowd was large and all in good spirits.

The construction is of cement over straw bales and is already showing signs of weathering and crumbling.  Perhaps 10 to 20 years from now it will all be gone so if you wish to see Salvation Mountain I'd suggest doing it now.

How can anyone argue against the messages portrayed here?

This is a major destination for off road fans

The cement covering was a bit slippery in the rain.  Fortunately no one went down while we were there.

The Missus soaks up the good vibrations of the mountain.

In we go!

The Missus and friends examine the unique construction methods.

The stairway to heaven?

We were feeling the love!

After we finished at Salvation Mountain, our next stop was Slab City.  This place was right out of a Mad Max movie.  

Stay tuned for our foray into Slab City (just don't go there after the sun goes down).

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