Sunday, April 16, 2017

Interlude - The Grouch family visits a Tin Goose!

Young daughter contacted me shortly after we returned from our southern adventure to tell me that a genuine 1920s Ford Trimotor airliner, know as the Tin Goose would be visiting Camarillo airport and did I want to see it?

Did I?  You bet!!  So Young Son and I traveled to Camarillo to meet Young Daughter and view the Tin Goose in all of her glory.

I was feeling cheap that day and didn't buy tickets for the Grouchs but now I wish I had.  

Once the plane landed a discharged its passengers we were able to walk up to the plane and check it out.  Amazing that this plane is still flying so many years after its production.

I remember seeing a movie made in the 50s about Forest Service smoke jumpers who flew to the fires in a Ford Tin Goose.  What a way to travel!

The Tin Goose on approach

This chap owns a restored M151 MUTT (not a Jeep) and I was able to talk with him about it.  I drove these minus the mounted gun when I was in the Army

Waiting for the next load of passengers

Fueling her up before the next flight.  They are watching a P-51 Mustang fly past at low altitude

Young Daughter checks out the exposed radial engines

Watch your head getting in!

When we were having lunch at Wendy's nearby the airfield, the Tin Goose passed overhead

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