Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Star Trek Opera redux

Yesterday we attended the Star Trek opera aka "The Abduction from the Seraglio"  at the John Anson Ford theater.

The Ford theater is an outdoor venue and across the freeway from the Hollywood bowl.  This was a first-time visit for us to the Ford theater.  It was recently renovated and is in a beautiful setting.  It seats only about 1,200 so it isn't a huge facility like the Hollywood bowl.

Regular readers of Citizen Grouch may remember that we attended the same opera with the same performers at a different venue a couple of years ago:

It was so much fun that when we heard that the Pacific Opera Company was taking the show big-time we had to go again.  The one night only performance was completely sold out and the crowd (and us) had a great time!

We went with three friends to Hollywood before the performance to an excellent Italian restaurant for dinner:

Miceli's doesn't look like much from outside but inside the food is great, the service fast, and you even get a singing waiter!  Highly recommended.

We caught a shuttle near the restaurant to the Ford theater.  Hollywood  was crowded when we left and twice so when we returned.  What were all those people doing out at 11 p.m.?  Looks like Hollywood is club central for the young set now.

Most of our group getting a picture with some of the cast

The lead could really sing and he was a ham of the first order

The alien slave girl chorus

Surely you Trekkies recognize these folks!

The Klingon chorus!

The happy ending.  The cast were excellent singers and could get lots of laughs too.

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