Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lemons for some, lemonade for someone else

So, awhile ago I was suddently courious to learn what the silver coins were worth that are stuffed in our safety deposit box.  I got them out of the box and took them to the local coin shop to learn that most weren't worth a whole lot but some were worth more than I expected.

I took the coins back to the bank, put them back in the box and went on my merry way to do errands all over town.

By the time I got home the safety deposit box keys were gone.  They fell out of my pocket at one of my stops.

I retraced my steps, no sign of the keys.  I spoke to each merchant, no one had turned over the keys to them.  I check back again a week later and checked the local sheriff's office, no keys.

Drilling out the key slots would cost us $150 but fortunately for me (if there can be a fortunately) I had recently sold some of my hobby excess stuff and had the funds.

The Missus made the appointment and on the set day showed up to have the box drilled open.   She felt that something wasn't right but the bank assured her that the box they were opening was her's.  It wasn't.

When the Missus opened the box and saw strange jewelry and a birth certificate from Cambodia she instantly knew one of two things was happening:  her husband's affair with another woman had just been revealed (the stuff of a chick-flick!) or this wasn't our box.  Fortunately it was the latter.

The bank proceeded to drill open the correct box and hand the Missus the new set of keys.

She saw the bank manager the other day and asked what the reaction was from the people whose box was accidentally drilled open.   The manage told her that they were ecstatic because they too had lost their keys awhile ago and couldn't get into their box and suddenly the bank gave them new keys for free!

Lemons for us, lemonade for them! 

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