Monday, September 5, 2016

Goodbye Poldark!

I finished the twelfth and last Poldark book last night.  When I read book eleven it said that it was the last book but the author managed to write one more before he passed away.

I looked forward to each book as I finished the previous one.  One or two were a bit slow and were obvious bridges to the next big thing in the saga but all were very worth while reading.  I would regale the Missus with the latest Poldark update on our nightly walks until she told me 'no more Poldark'.

I am sad that the series is over.  Obviously 12 books is enough and the story has to end sometime but couldn't we have just one more?  I grew to know the characters and the author would introduce another memorable person every couple of books who would become integral to the story line.  Winston Graham was a fantastic story teller and his historical detail was great.  His detailing of Waterloo made the battle real as seen from the company commander's viewpoint for example.

I hope someone that I know will take up the series so we can discuss them sometime.

As an aside, I was able to source all of the books from our two library systems.  Once again I say that a well stocked and well run library system is the best example of a progressive (and I don't mean that in the political sense) society.

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