Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Little Boy" the movie

Our church offered a showing of the movie "Little Boy" this past Friday.  To entice attendees they offered free popcorn and candy to the audience.  Say no more, we were there!

The Missus and I were skeptical about the film.  After all, it was being shown at the church.  What if it was religious and we had to discuss it afterwards?   We vowed to sneak out if it was too sappy.

It wasn't sappy, there wasn't a test afterwards, and I defy anyone, even the most cynical, to see this movie and not have tears in your eyes when it is over.  We were moved by it.  And, they got all of the WW2 American and Japanese uniforms, kit and weapons correct down to the Japanese hand grenades used in the combat scenes!

It was a great evening.  if you have the chance, see the movie, ignore the professional reviewers who hated the sentiment and message of the movie and prepare to be moved.

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