Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Joy - the movie

So, for New Year's eve two years ago we went to the Disney concert hall and saw Pink Martini with the Trapp Family singers, an excellent show.  So excellent  that when PM is in town in February we will see them again.  The Missus bought us tickets for a Christmas present.

This past New Year's eve Pink Martini wasn't in town so we took in a movie after dinner with another couple.  The ladies picked "Joy" with Jennifer Lawrence as the movie.  I'll see Jennifer Lawrence reading the phone book so it was ok with me.

I'll start by saying that we enjoyed the movie and would give it four stars. Despite that the movie has taken some liberties with events and people, it was still a very entertaining story of a young woman determined to succeed while remaining a caring and loving daughter, sister, and mother.  We also enjoyed seeing a family ten times more dysfunctional than ours which made us feel even better.

We recommend the movie,   it is much better than some of the professional reviewers may lead you to believe.

After we saw the movie the Missus did some on line research on the title character and her life which was as interesting as the movie itself.

Imagine our surprise when the Missus received a catalog the other day which had products advertised by Joy Mangano including the world famous Miracle Mop!

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