Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas catch-up

I've been remiss in keeping the 'ole blog up to date.  Since I checked in last the Grouch clan arrived en mass to celebrate Christmas.  It was a fun and noisy time and the house seems almost empty now that everyone has gone back home.

For many, many years we obtained our Christmas tree from the U-cut it lot.  When we first arrived in our happy valley 27 years ago there were a number of cut it yourself lots in and around town. Sadly, one by one they closed until the last one shut down last year after Christmas, another victim of the transformation of a small ranching and farming town into a large modern city.

So this year we bought a pre-cut tree through a local Catholic high school.  I was skeptical to say the least because the pre-cut trees I see for sale around town are one spark away from being a flaming torch - they are so dry and shedding needles.  

The Missus and her friend went to pick up the tree at the school when they arrived from Oregon.  it was a noble fir, nominally 8' tall.   I didn't get the see their antics trying to load it into the Missus' Escape but she told me later that it could have been an episode of "I Love Lucy".  I don't know would be Ethel in this re-creation of the show but the weight of the tree was so great that they couldn't move it more than a foot themselves.  Fortunately the brawny baseball coach showed up to save the day and load the tree.

The Missus and Young Son got it out of her car and dumped it on the front lawn.  The tree was bound in cord to keep it tightly compressed.  The trunk was so big around that we had to buy a brand new $60 tree stand to fit it.  This tree was heavy!

Young Son and I got it into the house and in the stand.  We had to cut about a foot from it to get to clear the ceiling but in the end once the cord was removed and the tree sprang back into shape, it was all worth it.  It is beautiful, fragrant, and drank water like a fish until today.  Tomorrow it goes back outside to be cut into firewood and seasoned for a year before warming us next winter.

Sadly it is time to take the tree down and store the ornaments and train set for another year.

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