Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Latest Thing to Bug Me

Ok, I've got to say really bugs me when drivers have a little dog sitting on their lap.

This morning on the way back from the shooting range I had a hankering for donuts.  I think there is an ancient instinct bred into males that associates firearms and donuts.  Just look at police officers.  They carry a handgun and where do you find all the cops?  They're hanging out at the donut shop of course.

So I pulled into the parking lot where my favorite donuts are sold and where everyone knows my name, bought my bag of donuts and headed for the exit, only to encounter a van driven by a guy with a small white dog on his lap.  The guy wasn't able to fully turn the steering wheel because the dog was in the way...or maybe the dog was actually driving and the guy was just sitting there, it was hard to tell.   I had to stop short of the exit just to give this yahoo and his little white dog room enough  to jerkily swing wide into the parking lot.

Dogs on the laps of old lady drivers isn't anything new.  It isn't right, but it isn't new.  What distresses me are are the dogs on the laps of middle age men.   This is driving me nuts!  What is happening to American male-hood?  No wonder Russia is collectively sticking its tongue out at us and giving us the finger wiggles too.  They know that any nation that has men driving around with small dogs on their laps is a nation of wimps and fools.

So, it has come to this. 

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  1. I have to admit that I'm not an investigator in dogs on laps. Whether it be female or middle aged male. I've not seen this. So in this regard, I think American male-hood is not in trouble.