Sunday, July 5, 2015

Portraits of the Fallen Memorial

The other day the family had some time to kill before seeing a movie at the local mall.  We were walking around in plaza outside of the mall proper when we came across an exhibit in a store front titled Portraits of the Fallen.

We walked in to view an exhibit of hundreds of small painted portraits of service members killed while in theater in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001.

We found it to be very moving as we saw the faces of those who sacrificed their lives for us.  There was at least one soldier with the same birth year as mine, 1954.

We saw the portrait of a young Marine killed in Fallujah Iraq who was the son of a CWO that I served with in my state defense force unit.  We also saw the portrait of a CAARNG Soldier who was killed in Iraq while in a convoy with our son who was in the same unit with him.  I understood how fortunate that we were to not be seeing our son's portrait hanging on the wall with the rest.

I hope that if you have the opportunity to view the exhibit in your town, you go and spend a few minutes reflecting on the lives lost no matter what your political view may be.

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