Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New adventures for Young Son

Young son is now an official Police Cadet for the same city that I work for.  He got the job completely on his own, no undue influence from his old man on the hiring process.  He's on his third day on the job and so far so good.  This is more like an intern position than a police officer in training but should be a good introduction to Young Son about the life of a police officer.  I asked him what his career plans are and he stated that he aspires to be a police chief!  Way to go Young Son!

Last weekend he worked as an extra for an internet feature.  He supplied his own costume and had fun doing it.  Unfortunately for this blog, he signed a non-disclosure agreement while participating so he couldn't tell us anything about what went on.  Seems that the urge to perform still runs in his veins.

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