Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wild Kingdom

So, I have about 6 blog posts that I need to do so I will start out of order with the most recent one.  This past Monday I was on standby to take Older Son, Girlfriend, and new puppy to LAX - more about all of that later - so I decided to take an early morning walk through the neighborhood while waiting for them to get organized for the trip.  It was about 0630 and just transitioning from night to first light.  As I walked down the street near Grouch Estates I spied an animal the size of a large dog crossing in front of me.  However it wasn't a large dog but a large bobcat!  It didn't even glance at me but crossed the street and disappeared between two houses and was gone just like that.

No, I didn't have a chance to take a picture so the Missus says it didn't happen.  I'll add the bobcat to the mountain lion and bears that I've seen since moving to California.  I won't even mention the raccoons that peer at us from the storm sewers, the coyotes that stalk us on our walk, the hawks that circle overhead sometimes as though to swoop down and carry one of us off!

Who knew so much of the wild kingdom lives amongst us!

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  1. I remember seeing so many coyotes when I was a child, and recently heard that a friend's (small) dog was carried off by a hawk. A bobcat takes the cake though!!