Thursday, January 8, 2015

Older Son, Girlfriend, Ladybug and King the wonder puppy all come for a visit!

Older son and his girlfriend and his new puppy all journeyed west to visit us here at Grouch estates for Christmas.  It just so happened that Ladybug was also in town for Christmas with her father so she got to visit with us for a day or two.

The weather was nice and the puppy was bored so we traveled to the local dog park to let King the wonder puppy run free.  Even though he is only about 4 months old he held his own with the other dogs in the park. He is a husky/German shepherd mix and is very smart and learning fast. Plus he seems to like me so he gets plus 10 points in his favor. 

Ladybug learned that eating a bagel at the dog park might not have been the best decision.  King was polite but an adult Husky was determined that it would get some of Ladybug's bagel.  The owner of the husky was completely and totally oblivious to the ongoing bagel drama. 

Older Son and King with a friend.  Older Son doesn't want his picture on the internet so he can only be seen from the back.

Ladybug still working on the bagel.  She looks so much like her mother!

King on guard and ready to rumble

King and Ladybug 

A pit bull mix that let King beat him up endlessly

A bulldog wanted to get in on the fun but was breathing so heavily that he just couldn't keep up with the action!

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  1. King is quite a looker, and I'll say the same for the cute little girl!