Friday, November 14, 2014

Short reading list for junior leaders, military and civilian

I recently completed a leadership master's degree and as part of the process we had many texts and articles that we read as part of the program.  I was thinking about leadership, junior military officers, and book knowledge on leadership and realized that pretty much all the leadership wisdom needed can be found in a total of four books.  Two are fiction, two are fact and between them, they cover a time span of several thousand years.

Read these four books and you will entertained and enlightened.

"Gates of Fire"  fiction by Steven Pressfield

"Bugles and a Tiger

"The Road Past Mandalay  non fiction autobiography both my John Masters

"Starship Troopers"  fiction by Robert A. Heinlein (not the horrendous movie adaptation!)

Some may complain about military fiction and non fiction as leadership guides.  Let me assure you that these four works will give you the framework that any successful leader needs: empathy,  courage, honesty, selflessness, sacrifice, decisiveness, technical knowledge, team work, humor, dedication to duty, and initiative.

Happy reading!

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