Friday, November 7, 2014

Interstellar - the Movie

Young Son and I saw "Interstellar" today at the Imax.  It is a great movie, reminiscent of "2001-A Space Odyssey" but with an ending that is unambiguous and neatly wrapped everything up.  This film was visually beautiful and had great themes such as the importance of family and a father's love for his children, exploration, and sacrifice.  My only problems with the movie were two:  1. It was LOUD; and 2. the music was so loud that it sometimes drowned out dialog although Young Son with his young ears did not have that complaint.

I like movies with admirable themes; "Oblivion" from 2013 was full of them: courage, sacrifice, loyalty, devotion to a loved one.  A classic line from the movie: 'Everyone dies...the thing is to die well".  While we waited in line for "Interstellar" I reminisced about seeing '2001' in the theater when it was a first run movie and the overwhelming experience of the movie for me.  I looked it up on the internet tonight (everything is on the internet) and learned that the showing that I saw was one of a select group shown in advance at Cinerama equipped theaters to create buzz for the movie.  For some the buzz was induced by smoking MJ during the extended ending but that is another subject for another time.  For me it was the incredibly realistic effects and the overall story of exploration.

I saw it at the Warner theater in Pittsburgh which is sadly history now.

I remember being offered the program of the movie but rebuffed it when I learned I had to pay $5 for it!  Wish now I had kept it.  The Warner was the scene of the infamous "Carrie" movie incident on Halloween that involved the Missus ( we were dating), an umbrella, and the hand coming from the grave in the movie, simultaneously. It is a miracle that she married me after that.

Young Son asked me what other movies that I saw first run gave me the same "wow" feeling as '2001' did when I was young so I told him five movies:

"Star Wars"
the original "Planet of the Apes"
"Wind and the Lion"
"Robinson Crusoe on Mars"   Ok this one is cheesy but as a 10 year old it blew me away. I still enjoy watching it on DVD and pine for the Mars that hasn't existed for millions of years.  But still...

Back to "Interstellar".  See it, and see it on the big screen.  Your TV is way too small to capture the grandeur of this flick.  I give it 4 out of 4.

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