Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Grouch heads East! The grand tour of part of the east coast - Alexandria VA part I

The Grouch, the Missus, Young Daughter, and Young Son journeyed in July to the east coast for visiting both sides of the family in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.  We touched down at Reagan IAP in Washington D.C. and drove to Older Son's abode in nearby suburban Virginia.

On our first full day in town we headed to Alexandria for some sightseeing.  We were there in March when it was snowy and very cold.  This time around we had heat, humidity, and drizzle.  Despite that we had a great time!

Not only is this street interesting for its construction of stones and obvious old age but something almost as interesting sits at the top of the street on the left.  Can you spot it?

A close up view of the fitting of the stones.  That had to take some patience to do!

Here is what was at the top - a Land Rover Defender.  Fairly rare here in the U.S.

The Missus cannot pass up a Christmas shop, even in July so we went in where we saw platoons of nutcracker figures.

We signed up for the Potomac river cruise.  Goodbye Alexandria! 

A nice day on the water
This ship looks just right for exploring exotic isles in the far Pacific.  What it is doing on the Potomac is a mystery to me.

The Missus told me not to take her picture so I did

Something impressive is going on in that building if the satellite dish is any indication

Reagan airport, where we arrived the day before.

The Watergate stairs to the Lincoln memorial, not be confused with the Watergate hotel

The Coast Guard was busy inspecting boats on the river

They don't mess around - look at the M240 MG!

The former presidential yacht ex U.S.S. Sequoia 
All in all it was a grand day out and a great start to our tour of some of the east coast (the best parts).  Stay tuned for each day's adventures!

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