Sunday, May 18, 2014

X marks the spot!

So, I get up this morning and stagger downstairs and out to the back yard to let our dog pack out behind the house to their outdoor bathroom area.  They manage to look nonchalant while doing their business.  Since staring at dogs answering the call of nature isn't my idea of fun I glanced around and noticed that Grouch estates was marked with a giant X in the sky right over the house!   This couldn't be good.  I wondered if either the space aliens had picked our house to be the drop zone for their soon-to-start invasion of the world or the Government finally figured out where I lived and was going to wipe out this annoyance once and for all?

Ground Zero for incoming cylinders from Mars?

I hustled the dogs into the house and peered out the front door to see what might be happening on the street out front.  I wondered if I'd see black SUVs with blacked out windows waiting or perhaps an alien drop ship with the ramp down?   Instead of all of that I saw Young Son's car and the X over someone else's house.  Phew!  I went back inside to have breakfast and clip coupons out of the Sunday paper. 

Looks like we lucked out that time!

Not over my house at all!

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