Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Missus' New Kitchen - Finis !

So, after three loonnnggg months the kitchen is done!  Well, almost done, there is the matter of the giant hole in the outside wall where the artiste redid the drain for the sink and hasn't got around yet to fixing it plus several nicky-nack things here and there,  But for all practical purposes we have our kitchen back!   

It looks pretty nice and the Missus has gotten compliments from her friends on it.  We need to have the kitchen and family room repainted which will be the next project - but hopefully not a three month project!

I especially like the wood smell that wafts out when the cupboards are opened

I have my own personal snack cupboard over the pantry. How good is that!  Notice that all of the refrigerator doodads made the move back into the kitchen! 

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