Saturday, June 2, 2012

Young Son's graduation

A couple weeks ago it was time for the last of the Grouch kids to graduate from high school.  He's the fourth in line, the baby of the family who is now old enough to enlist in the Army, buy a firearm, vote, enter into contracts, and start to steer his own course in life.  It was a proud moment for us but also sad too.  Although we will hopefully be around to see little Ladybug our grand daughter receive her diploma and other grand kids too yet to be, this is the last time for the excitement of the family rushing from various points across many miles to gather at the local college football stadium, sitting on the metal bleachers and watching hundreds of happy and excited young men and women file into the stadium to start their next stage on the long journey of life.   As for the other three Grouch kids I wondered what the world holds for Young Son and what triumphs and disappointments will he encounter on his own highway in life?

Enough ruminating, time for pictures!   It was a great afternoon for an outdoor graduation (which is the only way it happens around here).  We had the Grouch family minus Oldest Daughter and little Ladybug who (for non Grouch family members reading this) happens to reside on the other side of the country.   The class of 500+ filed in and took their seats.   All the speeches and all the diploma handing out took less than 2 hours.  This is down to a science, believe me!   Six high schools process through this venue, one evening after another over a six day period.

Young Son and his friend who happens to be a girl pass by on the way to their seats.  He's the one waving.

There they are, the class of 2012.   I thought in 2012 there would be flying cars and moon bases but at least we got computers that talk to us.

Young Son waving once again.  He managed to pick us out of the sea of spectators from a good distance away. 
At the end of the ceremony the spectators charged the field and the graduates scattered.  There we were but where was Young Son?  In the picture is yours truly, Older Son and lady friend, Young Daughter and a close family friend.

We found him!  

The two Grouch guys, handsome and smart!

Of course there needs to be a picture with the proud parents! 

The two Grouch family "Youngs"   Young Daughter was quite the high school grad, winning multiple academic achievement medals.  She looked like a Soviet field marshal with all of the tin hanging around her neck.

Out for a late evening dinner at Young Son's favorite steak joint.  The waitress brought him  a special graduate desert.

Some of the graduation gifts.  When I graduated in 1972 my parents gave me a Webster's dictionary.  I still have it and it is still used regularly by the family.  It has traveled to Europe and back and across the country with me.  I hope Young Son's dictionary gives him equally loyal service.

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  1. Another great post! I love how happy Craig looks in the photo with the ice cream. I was also amused by your description of me during my HS graduation.