Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Missus gets lucky

The Missus got lucky the other day.  She called into a radio contest and won some tickets.  What did you think I meant?   An FM radio station was doing a contest of 'identify the non-singer celebrity singing a song'.  Now she has never been lucky calling in before, but this time she actually got through!   The DJ had made it easy for her and gave an over the air clue that the singer 'had gone where no man had gone before'.   When they picked up the phone the Missus shouted "William Shatner!"  That wasn't the right answer and they sent her on her way.  That only left Leonard Nimoy so the Missus dialed again (or punched the buttons, no one 'dials' anymore) and amazingly she got through again, this time with the right answer. Yay!   She won two tickets to "Million Dollar Quartet" at the Pantages theater.  She invited me to go with her so I  got lucky too!

See you at the show!

1 comment:

  1. Wow- that is really lucky! Couldn't it have been someone from the newer show? Or was it multiple choice?