Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your private sidekick

I think most of us wishes that they had a loyal sidekick to go through life with them, someone to be their wing man, to laugh at their jokes, to confide in, to guard their back when the action gets hot.  Batman had Robin, Roy Rogers had Andy Devine, The Lone Ranger had Tonto and the Cisco Kid had Pancho.

I ride a commuter train to work just about every day.  There is a fellow who is on the car with me who has his own private sidekick.   I noticed that he seemed to be talking to himself when he is reading the paper but I realized that it is actually his sidekick speaking.  The fellow on the train has his internal sidekick.   I realized this when I heard the comments uttered while he reads the paper.  "Is that so?"  "Who knew?"  "Good job!" and so on.  I realized that his sidekick is talking, the fellow isn't  talking to himself.  I was relieved to realize this because talking to ones self is usually seen as a bit odd.   I never have had a sidekick in my life so I am a bit envious.  Maybe if I get my nerve up someday I'll ask him how he got introduced to his private sidekick.

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  1. Great story and you and your son should be very proud!