Friday, December 23, 2011

Catch up time

Here are some random pictures from events going back a couple of months.  Since they are all associated with the Grouch family the pictures are most certainly worth viewing!

Young Son's marching band competition.  He's play the trombone.  Can you pick him out?

Young daughter and son after the competition.  He's wearing one of my old field jackets from 35 years ago.  It fits him perfectly.  Does that mean I used to be his size?

Random picture of two cute dogs, Molly and Roscoe.  They are starting to feel their age and are no longer enthusiastic 10 mile walkers; 3 is more their cup of tea.

Older son's 28th birthday in his new home.

Little Ladybug visiting all the way from North Carolina!  I am sure we'll see more of her in this blog before the year is out!

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