Friday, August 26, 2011

Citizen Grouch Recommends....

A couple of movies that the Missus and I saw the other night that I thought were ok and you might also:

"The Adjustment Bureau"  with Matt Damon.  I thought it was a thoughtful movie about free will and unrequited love.  The Missus said it didn't do anything for her.  You decide.

"Hereafter"  again with Matt Damon!   I thought it was ok, well acted and all but didn't really go anywhere.  The Missus thought it was a pretty darn good movie.  You decide.

A book that I'm reading and really enjoying!

"Stealing Mona Lisa" by Carson Morton.  
A really charming and fun tale of con artists in the field of art forgeries in 1911!   I'm only about 4 chapters into it and am having a great time reading it.  I hate to say it but it reads like a fun movie and I'd love to see it made into a movie some day.  When the potential art forger is complemented on his ability to paint left-handed ala  da Vinci and is told that perhaps the reason he is so good is because he paints left handed, the forger replies:  "...the reason I'm so good," he switched the brush to his other hand, "is because I'm right-handed."   I laughed out loud when I read it and I could see the scene from the "Princess Bride" where the dread pirate Roberts and Indigo Montoya are sword fighting and have this exchange as Indigo fights hard against Roberts with his sword in his left hand.
"I admit it, you are better than I am." "Then why are you smiling?"  "Because I know something you don't know."  "And what is that?"  "I am not left handed!”

Ok, only "Princess Bride" fanatics will make the connection, but it tickled my fancy.   Check out "Stealing Mona Lisa"

A book I finished recently and also enjoyed but probably best appreciated by those who like aviation, adventure, history, or maybe historical military aviation fiction with an adventure theme.

The Delta by Marshall Harrison

A fictional account of a FAC (forward air controller) in Vietnam who spotted targets and controlled air strikes on the enemy from a high wing single engine spotter plane called a Bird Dog.  A great tale and based loosely on the real-life exploits of the author who spent time in Vietnam as a FAC.  Probably only to be found on Amazon or in a library as it has been out for a long time.

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  1. Ah, "Princess Bride". One of my favorites, ever.