Monday, July 4, 2011

Pittsburgh 2011 visit part I

Young son and I left cool and sunny Burbank for warm and humid and sometimes rainy Pittsburgh on a Thursday on Southwest.  I expected delayed flights, lost luggage, and who knows what else but...everything went according to plan!  We stayed overnight at the in laws who were very nice to put us and the missus (who came later) up at their place.  Friday morning we set off for State College for the wedding of young sis to a really nice guy whose name I shouldn't mention (only to keep opsec).  I plugged in the trusty GPS nav system and off we went.  All went well until about an hour from our destination when the GPS did not recognize the freeway that we were driving on!  Suddenly according to it we were driving cross country and it incessantly told us to turn around.  It sneakily guided us to an off ramp but I realized what it was trying to do and got back on the freeway.  I had been this route a couple years ago when elder Grouch was in a home spending his last days near young sis who did a heroic and thankless job of watching over him.  Anyway just as I was thinking that we were going to be in trouble if the GPS didn't start recognizing the highway it snapped back to reality and guided us to our hotel were we met up with older daughter and little ladybug.  These are all code names of course.   We went to the wedding, young son got out and danced with his cousins and a great time was had by all.  Unfortunately the computer did something when I downloaded those pics and young son's moves on the dance floor are lost forever.  Here are the pics that I was able to save.  Click on the picture for a larger view!

In the parking lot of the hotel we found these ducklings who were cut off from mama duck and were frantic to reach her.  They ended up forming a ducking pyramid and climbed over each other to get to mama.  Kind of like the corporate world!
Young son attempted to give the two remaining ducklings a boost over the curb to get to the rest of the family.
Young sis and about to be husband at the wedding held outside in the country.  It was a beautiful setting.
Exchanging the vows
Young son looking cool and older daughter looking beautiful!

That is all for now.  Stay tuned for parts 2 through ?

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