Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Grouch is on vacation!

So, the Grouch and the Missus and young son are on vacation in the 'burgh.  For those in the know you know where we are.  The rest of you can look it up.  Young son and I traveled to State College to attend my youngest sister's wedding to a very nice guy.  The Missus would have gone too but being a teacher she was obliged to stay through the end of the week for the last day of school.  She traveled two days after us and we met here in the 'burgh.  The wedding was great and it was fun seeing my siblings, nieces and nephews and their kids and meeting the relations from the new side of the family.  Older (chronologically speaking) daughter and our granddaughter little ladybug met us at S.C. and then we semi-convoyed back to our temporary home station.  We both got caught in an humongous traffic jam of Taylor Swift fans who were going to the ballpark for a concert and totally plugged up the freeway.  After sitting for about an hour and inching past a route that would have taken us around the jam it suddenly dawned on me that all I had to do was tell the GPS to take an alternate route, get off and it would plot the trip for me.  Duh!   8 minutes later we were past the jam and flying to the in-laws who are graciously putting us all up for the week.  Yay!   The front part of the convoy had left us about two hours before because I drive too slowly (only 8 MPH over the speed limit) and beat us home but not by much!

Older brother gave me pictures from the greatest vacation ever that I referenced in a previous post and I will show them when I am back in town.  I am in most looking like an obnoxious five year old which I undoubtedly was.

By the way, any thieves, bandits, highwaymen, or road agents planning to plunder Grouch estates whilst we are gone:  Older son is home, is a combat vet, and is heavily armed.  Good luck.

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