Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Vacation Ever revisited

Several posts ago I wrote about the best vacation ever that I had as a kid.  You can read about it here:

Much to my surprise my brother responded that he not only remembered the vacation but he had pictures from it!  It was 1959 which put the Grouch at 5 years old.  When we all met at younger sister's wedding I was given copies of pictures from the vacation.  Neither he nor my other sister could remember where we went. Younger sis wasn't around then so she had no opinion about the vacation but older sis said she hated it.  Best vacation for me, worst for her! 

Click on the pic for a larger view!

The Grouch and Dad and Mom.  Who knew my parents were young once and cool looking too!
Four soon to be Five.  The birth of my young sis was devastating for me, the baby of the family.  When my mom called baby sis her 'little pumpkin' I was crushed. 
Oldest sis stokes the wood stove.  How could anyone not like this place?!  I miss you Connie.

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  1. Wow- those pictures were great! Grandpap was reminding me of Harrison Ford in that picture and Grandma's bathing suit looked great. I think your oldest son (this is hard, leaving out names) looked a lot like that at the same age. So nice of Uncle E to bring the photos. I love pictures!