Saturday, August 5, 2017

Movie Review: "Their Finest"

We've been wanting to see the new movie "Dunkirk" that is getting outstanding reviews.  Young Son saw it and gave it four stars.  We hoped to see it last night, but as usual my 12 hour a day job (I love my job!) prevented me from getting home in time to see it.

Instead we rented "Their Finest" a British comedy from 2016 about the making of a propaganda movie about Dunkirk (see the connection?) that against all odds, turns into a touching story of heroism and love about Dunkirk - and the movie is too.

The heroism is demonstrated by the unstoppable Mrs. Cole who powers through the male dominated movie making biz and the bureaucratic obstacles of the Ministry of Propaganda to help write the successful script for the movie.

It was a funny movie in a sophisticated way with a nice developing love story, some pathos, and a triumph.  I loved the Welsh accent of Catrin Cole being someone who is courious about the origins of peoples's accents.  I had seen this movie advertised on PBS during the series "Home Fires" where another woman had the same accent which I couldn't identify.   Mystery solved.

We enjoyed it and I recommend it.  It was a fun night of movie watching but we still need to see "Dunkirk".   If nothing else, I'd like to see how it compares with the 1958 version that I saw on late-night TV many years ago.

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