Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Shop Like You Mean It!

So, once a week I accompany the Missus to the local Ralph's for our supply run.  My job is to fetch items from the list that the Missus controls (only those items I'm not likely to muck up by picking the wrong brand/size/color/texture) and beeline back to the shopping cart for my next item or two.  Kind of like those hunting dogs that race out to retrieve the fallen bird that the hunter just downed.

So as you might guess, I'm pretty goal oriented when doing this job.  Find the box of crackers, bottle of shampoo, and the favorite cookies and RTB (return to base).   I just wish everyone else was in the store.

Listen folks, when you are shopping pretend you are driving a car in a busy neighborhood and navigate accordingly.  The people pushing carts around aimlessly are driving me crazy.

Between the people doing the Walmart shuffle (lean your body on the pushbar of the cart and shuffle your feet to propel you and the cart at a snail's pace), those who are wondering just why they are at the grocery store and are planted in the aisle blocking the flow, the women who apparently haven't seen each other since maybe yesterday and are parked side to side at the end of the aisle blocking the traffic in all directions as they recount the minutia of the day, and the new age parents who are letting their offspring do gymnastics next to them again plugging all traffic from moving...all of you: shop like you mean it!

The only classes of shoppers that I will give a pass to are the men who have been sent to the store with a cryptic note from the wife and are standing there vainly attempting to discern the true intent of the list, and the codgers who are shopping like they mean it but their flat out pace has slowed.  Being an impending codger myself I must give them a pass.

So, when you next go to the grocery store pause before you enter and take a deep breath and review your checklist one more time: multi-use grocery bags? Check. Shopping list with pen to check off items? Check.  Funds to pay for the items? Check.  If everything is a go, hit that sliding door and shop like you mean it!

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  1. This is why I only go to the grocery store on Sunday mornings around 9am. Pretty much have the place to myself! I can't stand to be thwarted by slow shoppers.