Sunday, February 5, 2017

I'm back!

So I had to take some time off recently due to surgery and recovery but I am back.  Luck you!

I'll start off easy with this post and revert to my inner grouch.

The 'change oil' light came on for my Jeep Wrangler the other day.  I used to change it myself but decided that paying the dealership $10 more to do it for me was a wise way to go.

I stopped at the dealer yesterday to avail myself of the 'express oil' lane (oil changes only!) figuring to kill an hour there which I could pass reading a book or maybe walking up and down auto row looking at the shiny new cars.  the nice young man told me that sadly 6 cars were ahead of me and I was looking at a 2.5 hour wait.  I was a bit stunned.  So much for express oil changes.  I was considering leaving the Jeep and coming back for it later and I commented that I could just do it myself.

the young man smiled somewhat condescendingly and said 'we don't need to be rolling under Jeeps to change oil anymore'.   The 'we' got me.   I'll do it myself I declared, bought the supplies headed home and within an hour and with only a couple pints of oil spilled, the oil and filer was changed as was the air filter and the wiper blades too.

So there Mr. young service writer, 'we' may not need to roll under Jeeps anymore but 'we' can certainly do it when called on!

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