Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's day!

Happy Veteran's day to family and friends who served the nation.  The Grouch family on both sides have served from the Civil war (we were on the winning side) to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Noble Eagle.

I carry a backpack to work that has a velcro patch to attach a name tape so I have one of my GI name tapes on it so I know the bag belongs to me.  As I was waiting at the train door to exit as we approached the station a young man standing behind me asked if I was a veteran.  I confirmed that I was indeed and he proceeded to thank me and give me a hearty handshake.  It was a nice gesture sincerely given and I appreciated it much.  It was a long way from my days in Army ROTC in the 70s and getting abuse from fellow students when I wore my uniform on campus.  Some things have changed for the worse in this country over  the decades but the treatment of its service members and veterans has improved considerably and for that I thank one and all.

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  1. We loved the picture and we love YOU! Thank you for all of your hard work both in the Army and afterward.