Friday, November 18, 2016

Culture, L.A. Style

We enjoyed the Pacific Opera Project adaptation of a Mozart opera to a Star Trek theme so much (so much that we saw it twice!) that we decided to try another one: "The Barber of Seville"

The only thing we knew about the opera is what we had seen as kids when Bugs Bunny performed part of it in the classic "Rabbit of Seville".  Ah, culture!

What we knew of this POP effort is that the show is updated to modern Los Angeles with young stars in love, a hairdresser to the celebrities (Figaro),  the controlling agent, the coked out aging rock star, the LAPD, and more!  

The show was done in a hundred year old ladies club building so the setting would be called 'intimate'.  The cast came and went through the audience giving us a chance to briefly interact with Figaro at one point!

Young Son was more than skeptical about the event but indulged us and came along.  After the first of two intermissions he was smiling broadly and agreeing that the show wasn't too bad after all!

The songs were in Italian but very loose translations were projected above the stage, and I seriously doubt that many of the Italian lyrics matched what was frequently projected in English!

The cast was great: great singers, great actors with great comic timing!  The sole musical accompaniment was from a four handed piano and those two guys were fantastic and tireless.

As always the depth of talent in people amazes me.  Not just the ability to sing opera but to be funny while doing it and looking good too!

Another unique L.A. event that we will miss when we move on eventually.  Thanks Pacific Opera Project!

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