Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Grouch family visits Duke gardens

Visiting our family in Raleigh recently we took advantage of the fine weather to visit the Sarah P Duke gardens in Durham NC.

It was a fine Sunday and we arrived to discover that it was also graduation day (or graduation weekend) at Duke university and parking spots were at a premium.  Fortunately our son in law demonstrated extreme technical savvy and used his smart phone to locate parking spots within an easy stroll to the gardens.

Older Son with his usual luck found a spot right at the gardens with no problem.  

The gardens are very beautiful and the expanse of green and color was a welcome sight to these SoCal deprived eyes as the drought enters the 5th (or is it 50th?) year in California.

I was much taken with the immense foxglove plants as we have one tiny plant that has managed to survive the extreme heat and dryness in our back yard.

The Missus looking skeptical of my picture taking prowness

The tour gang, brighter than the flowers themselves!

Amazing what water an humidity will do for flowers!

Keep those children in line Mom!

The Missus pretending it was cool when it was actually in the mid-70s; or maybe she was being cool!

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