Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Guilty Pleasure book recommendation

I admit it, I've gotten myself hooked on a historical fiction series!

Last fall I watched "Poldark" on PBS and was smitten by it.  The Missus well..maybe not so much but she did agree that the scenery was pretty.   The end credits mentioned that the show was adapted from the book by the same name so I searched it out, found it, and discovered three things:

1. It was a great read
2. It was truly engaging
3. There are 12 books in the series!

Each book is as good as the last and the series was written over a 50 year period, an amazing span of time.

The author is Winston Graham, a writer of known quality.  The series encompasses the mores of the time (late 18th/early 19th century) and place (Cornwall), the clash of social classes, the Napoleonic war, the economics of business and mining in England, and of course the personal dramas of Ross Poldark, former English army captain, gentleman and participant in the fighting in America and his wife Demelza 10 years his junior and miner's daughter.

It is all too much to go into here in this blog, suffice to say I am on number 8 and eager to get book 9 next.  Fortunately I have two library systems to draw from and have managed to read 8 without resorting to buying any.

This series isn't romance historical fiction although there is romance aplenty.  It is more an ongoing history of southern England very well disguised as living history as seen and experienced by the people of the time and place.

Read them and may you enjoy them as much as I!

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