Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Band of the Royal Marines and the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Scots Guards Regiment

Two Sundays ago Citizen Grouch, the Missus, and Young Son journeyed over the hill to see a performance of the Royal Marine band and the pipes and drums of the Royal Scots Guards.

The Missus and I are bonkers for bagpipes played well and the whole Scots thing such as dancing, pipes, kilts, big hairy men in kilts tossing telephone poles up in the air (well probably the Missus likes that more than I) and all the rest.  You'd think we were Scots, but no, German and Irish heritage but still...

So off we went to see the show on the stage of the local college that Young son attends.  To do the performance justice it really needed to be outside but they worked with what they were given and did a spectacular job of it.

We were particularly taken with one piper who got into the performance so much that his foot would start tapping and then soon his whole leg was stamping in time to the pipes.

Young Son wore his kilt and accouterments that he purchased in Edinburgh last summer when we visited for the military tattoo.  Two ladies were wearing sashes of the same pattern as his kilt and whispered about it to each other when they spied him.  It was fun seeing others in the audience in kilts and bits and pieces of Scottish plaid.

Years ago the Missus and I saw a Scots regimental band and pipes perform at the Forum in Englewood, an interesting venue location for a military pipe band.  I loved it and hoped that this performance would be the equal.  It was.

The whole group on parade.  About a tenth of this strength made it to southern California

The performers playing a medley of U.S. military anthems.  The former service members of each service were invited to stand  and be recognized by the audience when their service anthem was played.

Young Son looking dashing and confident in his kilt!

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