Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Grouch's visit Blade Runner (and other attractions)

So, through a series of events the Grouch family ended up with two free round trip tickets on Metrolink which were set to expire in a couple weeks.  

Young Son wanted to go to downtown Los Angeles to visit several places so we decided to make it a family event.

This past Saturday we headed to the local Metrolink stop to board the train to Los Angeles.  It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.

Much to our surprise, the train was full to the point of standing room only.  The Missus and Young Son found seats and I managed to get a seat after a stop went by.  Our departure was delayed by a fight that was ongoing when the train arrived.  The young man was removed by the Sheriff's deputies and we were on our way.  Our train was full of 'unusual' people including one disheveled woman loudly proclaiming her Belize citizenship and denying  that she was 'from' the U.S.

We arrived at Union station where we were merged with the mob of folks departing from our train and others.  Another loud confrontation was playing out between two train passengers as we headed out to the street.  I must say that I am not germ-phobic but I had an intense desire to disinfect myself after traveling the length of the pedestrian tunnel and through the terminal to the outside.

Our itinerary included two Japanese anime shops in Little Tokyo, the Bradbury building as seen in "Blade Runner" (possibly young son's favorite SF movie of all time), Angel's flight, and of course lunch (my favorite).

The trip back on the train was much more pleasant and conflict free.  We were treated to a bridal party being photographed in the terminal while we were waiting for our train to board.  The reception was being set up in the old ticket area of the terminal.  The bride and groom were young and happy and everyone looked to be having a grand time. 

The city was showing at its best that day.  Clean, sunny, friendly, and warm, even the bums and panhandlers seemed to be enjoying the sun and warmth.

The Missus knitting and waiting for the train to arrive at the start of our journey.  Little did we know the excitement that waited for us on the train!

At Union station and ready to start our day's adventure

The Missus waits patiently for Young Son to finish his browsing at the anime shop

A comparison of the movie locations in the film and in reality from Blade Runner

Here we are at the Bradbury

I remember an elevator like this in the old building that my mother took me to for doctor's appointments somewhere in Pittsburgh in my youth

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Young Son reads all about it

The Million Dollar theater across from the Bradbury building and seen in the movie

Some of the detail on the building front

The locally famous Angel's flight, a baby version of Pittsburgh's inclines.  No longer in use after several accidents in the past.

The Missus starts up the 150 or so steps to the top

Made it!

Filming activity - we saw a Mission Impossible movie being filmed nearby some years ago.  No idea if Tom Cruise was present or not

The happy visitors with City hall behind

All done and headed home!

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  1. Looks like a fun day! I'm not sure if you also went down Angel's flight but going down all those steps once was enough for me.