Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Grouch's take the British Isles by land and by sea! Part 7

 Day 7 brought us to the port of Rosyth in Scotland near Edinburgh.  Rosyth was the northern port for the Royal Navy and was much more active prior to the defense cuts that started in the 80s.  Today there are a number of decommissioned nuclear subs stored there and the two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers are being assembled in the docks at the port.

We arrived to find a rainy day, the only rain that we encountered on our trip.  Our shore excusions included a walking tour of Edinburgh and the much anticipated Edinburgh military tattoo.   The day was so big, and so filled with sights, I will break it into two posts.

Let's start with the walking tour of the Royal Mile from Edinburgh caste to Holyrood palace.

The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier outfitting at Roysth.  I was able to photograph this from the stern of the Ocean Princess.

The decomissioned subs stored at the port.

We're at Edinburgh in the rain and headed to Edinburgh castle where we will see the tattoo later in the day.  The Missus, Young Daughter, and Young Son are headed up the hill to the castle.

The site of the tattoo and Edinburgh castle

the castle ramparts

Now for the city tour!

I had just finished reading Cornwell's book about Waterloo and had read about this pub.  Ensign Ewart was one of the heroes of the battle.

A re-purposed church

You can't get much more Scottish than this!

Is this school teaching to residents of Edinburgh so they can be understood in England?

The site of a building collapse many years ago.  the inscription reads "Heave away  chaps, I'm no dead yet" uttered by a boy buried under the rubble of the collapsed building.

Really?  In Edinburgh?

It is heartening to see how the Scots treat their veterans compared to how many are ignored in this country.

Young Daughter in front of Holyrood palace.  No pictures allowed inside unfortunately.  One of the three official residences of the Queen and we visited them all on this trip!

 Arthur's seat.  An extinct volcano and a hiking destination.

Young Daughter  visiting the ruins of Holyrood Abbey which is connected to Holyrood palace.  The Missus and Young Son missed the Holyrood visit as they were shopping for a kilt for him.

The rainy skies were appropriate for viewing the ruins.  I was most impressed with them and the grave markers set into the floor and ruined walls.

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