Saturday, October 17, 2015

Old movies to new

Young Daughter bought me a Toshiba combination VCR and DVD machine.  The cool thing about this machine is that you can copy VHS tapes onto DVD long as you know all the semi-secret steps to do so.

We have a collection of VHS tapes that we haven't watched recently because our old VCR was in very poor shape.  Now that we have a VCR that actually works and the motivation to convert the VHS tapes to DVDs, I'm starting to go through them to record to DVD.  It helps that the Missus and Young Son are off at Fright Fest/6 Flags Magic Mountain every weekend this month being scary and all.  It gives me lots of time to watch these old movies in peace.

Last week I recorded three cheesy but fun Sci-Fi movies to a DVD:

These two have a common theme:  Virile men from today accidentally end up in the future where the remnants of humankind survive underground, refugees from a nuclear war.  Strangely, the future men are 98 lb weaklings who could do with a course from Charles Atlas.  These are the guys that get sand kicked in their face at the beach - if there was a beach in the future, in their underground hideaway.  Even more strangely, the women of the future are voluptuous and hungry for manly men like say, Rod Taylor.  They are both fun to watch and The Time Travelers has a thoughtful and different ending.  Loved them both when I first saw them on late night TV and still do.

The third portrays a SoCal family off on a fishing trip who find out that Los Angeles has been nuked while they are headed to the mountains.  It is fun seeing the back roads of my home town portrayed in the movie as the family escapes from radiation and refugees.  Filmed in 1962, it is definitely not politically correct but does raise some ethical questions of how far does a father and husband go to protect his family.!

This weekend is Romantic Adventure movies

I started with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,_Hidden_Dragon  

This is a gorgeous, thoughtful adventure movie set in China and subtitled into English.  I love this flick.

Now I'm recording The Last of the Mohicans, the 1992 version with Daniel Day Lewis

Another adventure-romance, set in the time of the French and Indian war but filmed in the mountains of North Carolina.  A beautiful and exciting movie.

I think I'll lighten it up for movie #3 and finish with Romancing the Stone - the original 1984 version

Whenever I hear the theme to "How the West Was Won" I think of this movie and smile.  If you've seen the movie, you'll know why.  Love this one and so does the Missus.

Anyone want some great, used VHS tapes?

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