Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Grouch's take the British Isles by land and by sea! Part 6

Day six saw us docked in Dublin, Ireland.  And when I say docked, there weren't any of those silly tenders to move us around.  We were docked in Dublin!

The weather was beautiful again, mild and sunny.  We didn't take any of the escorted shore excursions; instead we took a bus from the dock to a point near Trinity college.  

The Missus had one major goal: the Book of Kells.

  The youngsters were determined to spend hours at the Guinness brewery and I had hopes to visit the museum at Collins Barracks.  

Fortunately I got to the museum but with only an hour to visit it.  Too much time spent at the brewery, something I could easily and happily skipped, but everyone else loved it.

We split up at the brewery and the Missus accompanied me to the museum.  We then took a bus to within a mile of the dock, then hotfooted it to the gangplank, not long before it was pulled up.  We met the rest of our party dockside and then finished the day with martinis at the martini making demonstration.

A great day had by all!

Dublin as seen from the stern of our ship.  We're docked and ready to see the sights!

The library at Trinity college which holds a copy of every book published in the British isles since the beginning of the 19th century.  It is quite the sight to see!

The harp - the symbol of Ireland


Seen just outside the gate to Dublin castle

Dublin castle, the Missus and Young Daughter

A sand sculpture display in the courtyard

Young Son thought that this was the perfect ride for him!

Collins barracks museum.  Even the Missus found it interesting!


The skeleton of Dicky Bird, a cavalry horse who served in the Crimean war


A life ring from the Lusitania - washed up on the shore of Ireland.  I read the book "Dead Wake" about the sinking of the Lusitania on the flight over from L.A.

Great hardware in the military section of the museum

A display of one of the barracks rooms from the early 1900s

Back to the ship in time to sail!

The Missus and Young Daughter volunteer to shake some martinis and their bodies!

The Missus enjoying her martini

Chocolate covered strawberries, an at-sea gift from our travel agent.  They were as yummy as they look!

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